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I grew up in NW PA in the Allegheny National Forest so naturally, I was always surrounded by nature. My parents even live in the woods with no neighbors. Growing up like this was amazing, but I also sometimes wished I had neighborhood kids to hang out with. As an only child, I was by default best friends with my dog and my cats. When I left for college and moved to a city (Erie, PA so not a huge city) I was so in love. Then later moving to Pittsburgh. the convenience of just everything is amazing. In the last few years I have really been tapping into my spirituality and back into my "wild" nature. The book "Woman be Wild" is an amazing place to begin this journey and better understand our wild nature. A blog about this topic to come. Through all of this I have also begun a journey of discovery with holistic medicine and went down the rabbit hole with big pharma and the toxic food industry. As a very maternal woman, I really dove deep into understanding these topics and educating myself so that I may make better decisions for myself and for my future children. I hope to also help and inspire other women to do the same.

My Yoga Company 

I started Phases of Luna in 2021. I first fell in love with yoga in college. It was a way to escape my day after long hours in class or studying. I always had it in my mind that I wanted to one day be a yoga teacher, even if it meant just as a side hobby. During March of 2020 (which i'm sure many can relate) I about hit rock bottom. I was so unhappy. I realized through this hard time, I was not practicing at all. I had been working a job I was unhappy at and time just got the best of me, and yoga was put to the side. It was in one of my darkest moments I remembered what it is  that truly made me happy, and that was yoga. I immediately researched yoga schools, and found myself where I am today. It is my mission to help others, like yoga has helped me, and to create comfortable beautiful clothing to wear while doing so.

Thank you all for following along my journey!

- Sincerely, Jord

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